Adauga o Mobra


Malta Classic Car CollectionThe Malta Classic Car Collection cel mai mare muzeu din Malta cu o suprafata de cca 3000mp.
Bil- och Teknikhistoriska Samlingarna was created during the years 1996 - 1998 by the Bil- och Teknikhistoriska Sallskapet through a co-operation established with The Foundation Bertil Lindblads Bil- och Teknikhistoriska Samlingar. Sweden
MC CollectionMC Collection is a museum exhibiting more than 110 original motorcycles from different periods and parts of the world. The newly built museum is the only one of it´s kind displaying motorcycle design over 100 years from 1894 and to date. Presenting a wonderful opportunity to close up see design and engineering combined. Sweden.
Svedinos Automobile and Aviation MuseumSvedino's Automobile and Aviation Museum is one of the biggest collections in Europe of vintage cars and aircraft. The collection comprises around 130 cars, 40 aircraft, motorcycles, engines etc. Sweden.
Cite de l'Automobile, in MulhouseThe Schlumpf Collection is certainly the most prestigious car collection in the world. This is demonstrated by the two Bugatti Royales, including the famous Coupe Napoleon, the 150 Bugatti, Hispano-Suiza, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Maybach, Mercedes models, etc. It was in a former Mulhouse woollen mill, with its typically 19th century architecture, that Fritz Schlumpf established his fabulous collection of 437 cars belonging to 97 different brands. With this unique collection, the Cite de l’Automobile sees itself as being to cars what the Louvre is to art. France.

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